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Your business records provide a treasure trove of information about your company. They also present a very real threat that can compromise your operations, should they fall into the wrong hands or be altered significantly.

Let Corporate & Legal Reproductions, LLC take the burden off your shoulders by providing a secure and easy-to-use approach to manage your company’s paper records.

Take the technological step forward

We can convert your paper files for digital archival, saving you from the twin problems of physical storage and manual record keeping. Instead of renting storage rooms in an off-site facility, or relegating a few square meters of precious office space to house all your documents, you can now keep everything in a jump drive or external hard drive.

With this technology, you can forget about the risks of having your files stolen, destroyed, misplaced, lost or changed without your knowledge or permission. You will have complete control over who can access your files, when they can access these, and for how long such access may be granted.

Digital archival is now the best and most advanced way of keeping your records in a single location for easy uploading onto your internal server. It also offers the advantage of fast and accurate retrieval, allowing you to pull out any one specific file or folder within a moment’s notice. Furthermore, we can run OCR on the electronic files to make them easily searchable. Instead of wasting your time hunting down elusive records, you can now call up hundred-page documents with a few clicks—thus raising your productivity and efficiency levels to all-new highs.

Our confidentiality promise

We keep only the strictest confidentiality standards before, during, and after working with your company’s files. Rest assured that every page will be converted, saved, and processed with utmost care and accuracy so you will never have difficulties searching and printing out any document. Your competitors, clients, suppliers, or any other unauthorized persons will never have access to any of your documents without express authorization from you. We keep your records safe and secure from prying eyes.

We strongly recommend digital archival to all our customers, whether they are small start-up companies or established entities, because it is the most accurate and user-friendly record keeping method to date. It is the most effective solution to your growing dilemma on document storage and retrieval. At Corporate & Legal Reproduction, LLC, you get nothing but the highest satisfaction for every job order.

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