Comprehensive Document Management Services for Attorney Offices & Other Businesses in Marshfield, MO

Document Management Services Marshfield MOWhen law firms and private businesses in the Marshfield, Missouri, area need a reliable vendor for document management services, they know to choose Corporate & Legal Reproductions. Since 1998, we’ve been delivering exceptional services, including:

Scanning & Imaging

We can scan and print a single document for an immediate solution, or we can help you with long-term projects such as transitioning to a paperless office by digitizing all of your paper files.

Copying & Printing

Our facility is equipped with advanced copying and printing equipment so that we can deliver high-quality black-and-white and color images. No job is too big or small!

Labeling & Binding

Is your file room a labyrinth of overstuffed cabinets? We can help restore order by organizing your files according to your preferred method, be it Bates numbering or your own custom system. We also provide comb-binding services for briefs and legal files.

Large Format Printing

We have years of experience printing trial exhibit boards for local attorneys, and we offer immediate turnarounds on blueprints. You can trust us with your oversized printing project, no matter what it entails.

Media Duplication

If you use CDs or DVDs to disseminate information to your colleagues and clients, we can duplicate as many copies as you need. We can also convert physical media and save digital files to a flash drive.

Electronic Data Discovery

Find all the relevant information you need from your files by allowing us to sort through them for you. We’ll organize the data you need, such as email recipients and document revisions, so that you can quickly identify it.

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Contact Corporate & Legal Reproductions today to tell us about the document management services you require for your office in the Marshfield, MO, area. We offer free pickup and delivery, and ensure the highest standards of confidence and quality control.

“…Their customer service accommodates our often unreasonable time demands to get the job done, and is unmatched by any company I have dealt with in my 25 years at Turner, Reid. They have worked many nights and weekends to complete our jobs…with a good attitude. Another plus! In this day and age, it is uncommon to find an outside vendor that you trust to do your work without question. Corporate and Legal is that company…”

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“Corporate and Legal Reproductions did a really good job of communicating throughout the scanning process. If there were ever any issues with the way the files were set up, they did an excellent job communicating their needs and listening to ours. It was really a win-win because it helped us with our filing system here for the future. Overall it was a good experience. We would use Corporate and Legal Reproductions again.”

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